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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic Cigarette ReviewsWelcome to E-CigBrands.net, where we are publishing the best electronic cigarette reviews on the web about different e-cig brands. Our goal is to give our readers totally honest and unbiased information about e-cigs. We are holding nothing back and write as things really are. If a product is bad, we will say it out loud, if it is good, we will write exactly why this brand is good.

About different e-cig brands

When you first delve into the world of electronic cigarettes, things can get a little confusing. The reviews that you come across can help, of course, but this can only help when it comes to making your purchasing decision – what brand or company rocks, and which ones simply do not. However, with two and three piece designs available, a number of different flavors, strengths, lengths, battery sizes and much more besides, it can appear much harder than you thought to give up the cigarettes and finally quit smoking.

There are a number of electronic cigarettes brands out there that you can make your decision from and, as we have already mentioned, using e-cig reviews to make your purchase can often make life easier. For example, just by looking around on our site you will see that we love the Green Smoke brand of electronic cigarette devices, but brands like Njoy and Vapor Couture didn’t impress us all that much. That’s the best thing about  reviews – word of mouth is a very powerful form of promotion and by relying on others that have used the e-cigarettes that you are looking at, you can make sure that you aren’t buying a product that is going to end up being a waste of money.

Of course, there are a few things that you will need to keep your eye out on when it comes to buying a new e-cigarette, or your very first electronic cigarette. These are the things that we will investigate in great depth on this site…. We have actually used the e-cigarettes that we are talking about and therefore feel that we can give you the truest and honest reviews. Most of our team are quitting smoking or at least thinking about it, and for the most part, we all agree that using an electronic cigarette is the easiest way to do this, whether they are classed as nicotine cessation products or not.

What to check out in the electronic cigarette reviews

The things that you are going to want to bear into consideration when making your choice between the e-cigarette brands include:

  • Vapor
  • Throat hit
  • Battery life
  • Cost
  • Cartridges – refillable?
  • Flavors
  • Strengths
  • Accessories
  • Warranty
  • Quality

There are many more things, of course, but these are by far, the most important.

Vapor CigaretteWhen it comes to things like vapor, we felt that either V2 e-cigarettes or Green Smoke e-cigarettes were the best. As you can see from our electronic cigarette reviews, we rated these rather highly – they closely mimicked the smoke that you would exhale from a “normal” cigarette and therefore will make giving up smoking, or making the change to e-cigarettes a much easier one. The same can be said for throat hit too – this is what will make or break your e-cig smoking experience. If you don’t get enough of a throat hit, you will revert to smoking normal cigarettes again; it’s as easy as that. You know when you inhale in a cigarette and it hits the back of your throat and you sense the relief that often comes with smoking cigarettes? Well that’s the throat hit – if you don’t have that, it won’t feel as if you are smoking and you won’t want to continue with your e-cigarette. Again, the best rated e-cig brands in our honest reviews for throat hit were V2 and Green Smoke, although South Beach Smoke sure came in close behind them!

Obviously the cost will play an important factor when it comes to choosing the right electronic cigarette and this is something that we are very critical of in our e-cig reviews. If it’s going to cost you more to smoke an electronic cigarette than it would to smoke conventional cigarettes, what’s the point in making the switch? Thankfully, with more and more companies appearing on the e-cigarette market, the prices are slowly dropping and certain companies, such as White Cloud, have even lowered their prices to stay in keeping with the bigger and better (yet cheaper) e-cigarette companies.

Battery life is definitely going to be important when it comes to picking the right electronic cigarettes, as is the life span of the cartridges that you are using, whether you choose to refill them or not. For more information on refilling cartridges, and the savings that you could potentially make by refilling your own, why not check out our blog post – Refilling your Cartridges?

Back to battery life (we apologize for digressing) and it is important that you understand why it is important to have durable, long-lasting batteries. If you run out of battery during your working day, you are going to run out of the thing that provides you with your nicotine hit. This means that you are probably going to run to the nearest store that sells them and buy yourself a pack of cigarettes. After all the hard work that you have put in to quit smoking, it would be pointless to give it all up just because you weren’t prepared.

You might not believe it but the accessories that come with your electronic cigarette are going to be more helpful than you first thought. It is okay to initially think that the e-cigs with the best e-cigarette reviews are those with the greatest range, but it is often the simplest of things that make the biggest difference. Having a USB cigarette that can plug into your computer as you are working away has got to be a good things for all those evenings you found yourself still working at home. The car charger will come in very handy and you know it will! Why not take a look at our guide Accessories for E-Cigs for more information on what else you can get your hands on to make your new smoking experience a pleasurable one.

There are many things that you are going to want to take into account before you delve into our electronic cigarette reviews in a bid to find out which e-cig brands are the best for you. These are just the tip of the iceberg and we will study these things and more in the real and honest reviews that we provide of the electronic cigarettes that we have genuinely tried and tested!

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